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Get started in 3 simple steps

Do you want to start developing software immediately? You don't want to download, install and configure the various tools and your system manually? Great! You are just 3 simple steps away from a whole new software development universe:

1. Download - 2. Execute - 3. Develop

Our virtual appliance SCM-Manager Universe is a Linux based virtual machine, which comes with a bundle of ready to use open source software components. It has a comprehensive documentation, including tutorials, a sample project and tool descriptions. All of the software development tools authenticate against a central LDAP server with reasonable default users and groups configuration. The appliance has also a simple backup mechanism, which allows regular backups of all relevant files.

To use our appliance, you just have to download the suitable version for your virtualization software (VMware, Parallels, KVM or Virtualbox), execute it on your host system and start developing. We work permanently on improvements and new features. If you want to benefit from our automatic update service or personal support, have a look at our support packages.


Download here!

Appliance components

Project Management




  • OpenLDAP Server
  • MySQL Server
  • Oracle Java VM
  • Apache Tomcat Web Application Server
  • Ubuntu Linux Server 64 Bit